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Welcome to The 3 R's Blog: Reading, 'Riting, and Randomness! That's not just a title--it's a mission statement, which you'll discover as you get to know the place. I'm your host, Florinda. I started blogging here on March 16, 2007.

I work with numbers but I love words. I read, I work, I live...and I talk about all of it here. Check out the "Filed Under" section of the sidebar to see some of my favorite topics.

I have been a Southern Californian since 2002--me and a few million others (some of them for longer, some of them not)--but was born in New York City, raised in Connecticut and Florida, and raised my son in upstate New York and Tennessee. I'm a wife (second time), mom (one), stepmom (two), and dog-mom. I am overly fond of parenthetical phrases...and ellipses.

I started this blog as a place to keep track of the books I read, and to remember details about them. I post about (nearly) every book I read, whether it is from my personal library or offered to me by an author or publisher. More details about my reading interests can be found in my Book Review Policy. I maintain a review index as a Google Spreadsheet, which is linked in the navigation bar (and may or may not be current). My full book catalog (read and not-yet-read) is on LibraryThing.

In addition to my writing here, I was a contributor to the Los Angeles Moms Blog (a member of the Silicon Valley Moms Group of regional blogs) from July 2008 until its closing in June 2010.  I have contributed posts and features to CBS Los Angeles' "Best of LA (paid), and to MomsLABlogHer.com, She Writes, and Work It, Mom (unpaid) A post from this blog, "The 'Responsible' Child (?)" was selected for the essay anthology The Contemporary Reader in 2010 and reprinted in 2011.

Disclosures and Paid Content: The source of the reviewed materials (purchased or provided) is listed in all review posts ("Book Talk," "At the movies," etc.).

I am a freelance book reviewer for Shelf Awareness for Readers. These reviews are compensated, and are re-posted here with permission and attribution. I occasionally participated in sponsored-content blog campaigns through Clever Girls Collective and BlogHer.com. All compensated content is identified as such when it is posted.

I am an IndieBound affiliate and make a small commission on book purchases made via the links on my pages. Support independent bookstores!