Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WW: Shelved!

We've got a "wild card" week in our Wordless Wednesday linky group, so I thought you might like to see what we did with our dining room this past weekend. It gives a new meaning to the concept of "devouring books."

bookshelf setup collage
It may seem like an odd place to put them, but the dining room just happens to have one wall that's the perfect size to line with bookcases.

shelving in progress part 1 collage
shelving in progress part 2 collage
At intervals between Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, I filled the shelves...and rearranged the shelves, and re-filled the shelves. 
stocked bookshelves collage
And finally, all the boxes of books were unpacked (although not all of the books ended up on these shelves--we have others!)--and we still have some room for more!
That spot right in between all the books seemed like the perfect place to hang our autographed lithograph of the Rock Bottom Remainders.

I think I'm ready to declare us officially moved into the new house, now that the books have been unpacked. I'll be posting close-ups and explaining the shelving system in my Sunday Salon this weekend, so all of you book-organizing nerds should come back then!

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