Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Salon: Winding Down a Short, Over-Committed Month

After spending my last visit to the Sunday Salon talking about going offline, that was what I did most of last weekend, and I may spend a good chunk of today that way, too. But I do hope I'll be able to spend some time reading; I have a post due for a blog tour on Wednesday. As I mentioned back at the beginning of February, I had a long reading list for a short month. But the month included two four-star reads and one book liberated from long-term TBR Purgatory, so I'd say it's been a short month well-spent.

That said, my March reading calendar doesn't have much on it, and I'm glad. I will #marchon with Fizzy Jill; we're reading Little Women. Care to join us? Aside from that, my only book-related commitments for the next few weeks are to reading March and April galleys for the freelance gig (which is an ongoing commitment, really--I almost always have one of those in progress, just to stay caught up!)

Speaking of catching up, I'm leaving town tomorrow for a few days--an actual day-job business trip(!) to Sacramento for some software training--and I hope to use some between-sessions time to work on some of the writing that's been pushed aside by my required reading (and by various other "requireds") during the past few weeks (and which will, if it gets done, be showing up around here during the next few weeks). But I'll also be reading, of course--I've got plenty of e-books on the iPad, and a couple of print books will be coming along for the ride, as well. 

However, I'm glad to say I've made it most of the way through my over-committed February without a lot of this:

"Now Panic and Freak Out" www.3rsblog.com
That whole "Keep Calm and Carry On" thing? Overrated.
What are you committed to doing--and not freaking out about--this week?

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