Friday, March 30, 2012

Bloggiesta Kick-off! The Best-Laid Plans...

Good morning, Bloggiesta-ers! Who's ready for some spring cleaning of the bloggy kind? Thanks so much to Danielle and Suey for bringing Bloggiesta back!

I've got a few posts in draft that I want to get finished up and scheduled for next week...and since I am NOT doing NaBloPoMo for April, I only need a few posts for next week. But my
primary task for Bloggiesta weekend falls into the general category of "catching up on reviews."

I'm actually current on reviews here. However, I want to set up my Goodreads account as my primary review archive, so I need to get all of the reviews posted there. It's a project I've already started, but my goal for the weekend is to get it finished--and by "finished" I mean "caught up," so that future updates keep pace with the blog. And I'll get to count my work for Janicu's Bloggiesta Goodreads Challenge, too!

The Mini-Challenges are such a good source of inspiration for Bloggiesta projects, and there are lots of new ones this year! Suey has the complete list, and these are the ones I want to check out:
Danielle has collected all of the Mini-Challenges from previous Bloggiestas, and there are some excellent ideas there too. (I created my blog favicon and gravatar thanks to a Mini-Challenge during the Summer 2009 Bloggiesta.) I plan to explore "10 Things Bloggers Should Not Do" at WordLily ((Winter 2011)--just to make sure I'm not doing them!--and "Analyze Your Blog!" at Bookish Ruth (Summer 2009), which I've done before, but not for a while.

I also plan to participate in my own Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge using mobile blogging apps--care to join me?

Good luck with your Bloggiesta goals, and wish me luck with mine, would you please?