Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ten on Tuesday on Wednesday: What I Did This Summer

It dawned on me recently that I think summer may be overrated. When you're a kid, of course, it's great - two and a half months of "freedom!" (Realistically, though, most middle-class families have such structured life, do many kids really even have that anymore?) But once you're a parent, freedom for the kids can mean extra work for you...especially if you no longer live by the academic calendar yourself and have to, you know, go to work too. Adults don't get the summer off from our responsibilities, do we? Blech.

But this week's Ten on Tuesday topic was "10 Great Things That Happened This Summer." For an overrated season, this was actually a pretty good summer, but since I've probably already blogged about most of the good stuff, I'm just going to link to some of those posts.
Well, it's not ten things, but it's more than ten posts, so I'm counting it.

What were some the best things about your summer?


  1. I think you're right about summer being overrated. It's like the holidays.
    Best things? Our mini-vacation to D-land, and getting some me-time when the girls went on vacations.

  2. April - Me-time is never overrated :-).

  3. Summers just mean the weather is warmer. :-) And I think you can count your list as ten things, easy. Thirteen even!

  4. Literary Feline - I have to agree. The longer daylight hours are nice, but mostly, if you have to go to work anyway, what's the big deal?


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