Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ten on Tuesday 11-27: Ten Best Games

I'm interpreting this prompt very generally - I don't play many games these days at all, and I've never been one for computer or video games, so here are ten games I like, regardless of where or how they're played.

Trivial Pursuit - I rocked the original version 25 years ago, and I'm still pretty good at the general-knowledge version.
Scrabble - This is the unofficial "official" board game of my family (all permutations).
Dogopoly - This is one of the many new variations on Monopoly, based on collecting dog breeds. It's the favorite board game to play with my husband and stepkids.
Battleship - It only takes two players, and it's really quick to learn.
Frogger - Back in the mid-80's, this was one arcade video game that I didn't totally suck at.
Ms. Pac-Man - I sucked at this more than Frogger, but it was still fun.
Yahtzee - This was one of our favorite games to play when my son was a kid.
Parcheesi - This was another favorite from that same era.
Hearts - The unofficial "official" card game of my ex-husband's family. They play the "killer" variety, in which the goal is to dump as many points on other players as possible.
Solitaire - The old-fashioned kind that actually uses cards; I've never actually played it on the computer, believe it or not. Its primary advantage is that it only takes one player.


  1. I love so many of those games. Great list.

  2. Patois - Thanks! I wasn't sure I could come up with ten. Your list is really good too - but since we have some overlap, that's easy to say :-).

  3. Alisonwonderland - Yes, we do! I'm not all that good at Hearts, either.

  4. I was very good at Frogger way back when. Haha It was about the only video game I was good at. I used to play Solitaire both by hand and on the computer for hours. It's been awhile since I've played. I didn't learn how to play hearts until I after I met my husband. His family is really into games and whenever we get together, it's for sure we will play some sort of game. :-)

  5. Literary Feline - I like games at family get-togethers; you can leanr a lot about people's personalities from them. :-)


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