Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ten on Tuesday 11-20: Ten Reasons It's Great to Be a Woman (or Man)

Obviously, I can't speak from experience about any reasons it's great to be a man...

I'm going to qualify this list, based on my book club's recent discussion of A Thousand Splendid Suns, and make it "Ten Reasons It's Great to Be a Woman in 21st-Century America." We may still have a long way to go, but we've truly come far...
  • We have choices and control over our lives that our foremothers probably could never have imagined.
  • We can explore and develop ourselves according to our own rules and not rigid social roles.
  • We have the opportunity and access to the education that lets us learn how the world works and figure out our place in it.
  • We can decide when, where, and how we want to grow our families.
  • We can work if we have to.
  • We can work if we want to.
  • If we don't have to work, or don't want to work, we can do that too.
  • If we do work, we can work at pretty much anything we want to do - "women's work" covers a lot more territory than it used to.
  • We have the right and the freedom to express ourselves, which lets us fight for our other rights.
  • We can vote if we want to - and even if we don't particularly want to or don't like the options we have to choose from, we should do it anyway!
I think this is a terrific prompt for Thanksgiving week, since it's based on appreciation of who we are and what we have. Why do you think it's great to be a woman (or man, assuming that any of you besides my husband actually read this)?


  1. Your list is fabulous. I'll make sure I include some of these in my Thanksgiving blessings.

  2. Patois - Thanks! I was actually surprised that it came together pretty easily, but I think I took the prompt fairly literally. I'll look forward to reading your Thanksgiving list.


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