Sunday, October 21, 2007

A quick book meme: The Book Nearest You

Here's a little book meme I'm borrowing from Literary Feline. Please play along on your own blog if you like!

Take the nearest book next to you and answer the following questions:

Title and Author:

The Fourth Bear - A Nursery Crime,
by Jasper Fforde

Is the book dedicated to anyone? If so, who?

Dedicated to the author's mother (awww!)

What is the first sentence?

The little village of Obscurity is remarkable only for its unremarkableness.

Turn to page 47. Please share the first sentence of the first full paragraph.

They pulled up outside a shabby used-car lot that was exactly the sort of place you might expect to buy a used Allegro.


  1. I love seeing who authors dedicate their books too. :-) Thanks for playing!

  2. Literary Feline - Thanks for the opportunity to play! :-)


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