Monday, September 24, 2007

Say it loud - nerdy and proud!

We really didn't have a "theme" for our wedding, but if we had, Tall Paul says it would have been "When Nerds Unite." (In honor of our upcoming first anniversary, I'm working on some wedding-related posts, so you'll be able to judge that for yourself.)

Thanks to Library Girl, we've literally been able to put this to the test. This is my result:

I'm a little disappointed with my tech score, frankly, and the science/math percentile is a bit embarrassing for an accountant. I was quite favorably surprised by my relatively low showing on the "awkward dork" scale, though, I must admit.

And I married this guy:

I do think his "awkward dork" score is a bit inflated - and that's my honest reaction, not wishful thinking. Even so - that 93%? I did marry Comic Book Guy after all. He can't deny it any more.

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