Friday, August 17, 2007

Today's "Gratitude 5"

Along the lines of Wednesday's post, I'm going to try finding five things I'm grateful for every day. I may not post them every day, and they won't be in any sort of rank order when I do list them here. Today I have these:

My husband, who makes me laugh, likes baseball, and actually reads my blog (but that's not why I listed him first ;-)!)
Friday, and not much planned for this weekend
Feeling a little less overwhelmed at work lately
Air conditioning - even though it's not good for the environment, all that sunshine has been making it bloody hot lately!


  1. Had a major gratitude moment just this morning: a neighbor who is a concert pianist invited me over for coffee and music. She played a Schubert piece for me.

    There I was, on a weekday morning, sitting in her beautiful living (she has a baby grand), listening to (and watching) a world-class performer practice her art. Amazing. Nice day today, too, so when I did glance out the window it was to flowers and sunshine and blue skies (but not hot, because this is Seattle!).

    So what did I do to deserve such a golden hour? I don't know. But I am grateful.....

  2. WG - That sounds like a wonderful way to spend part of your morning - lucky you! You're also lucky to be in one of the (apparently few) areas of the country that's not hot right now! :-)


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