Monday, April 23, 2007


An unexpected substitute dog-sitter has emerged from a source we'd never have predicted. The stepkids' mom, TallGuy's ex, has offered to keep Princess Fuzzybutt during our trip, due to Mom-in-law's broken leg/foot...and we're thisclose to taking her up on it, although we haven't officially done so. SDKate is pretty excited about having her step-dog with her for the entire week - good thing, since she'll probably be doing most of the caretaking. We honestly never would have thought of asking The Ex for this sort of favor, given the frequently rocky nature of her and TallGuy's dealings with each other post-divorce (which are most likely related to pre-divorce, but anyway), and we can't help wondering where the offer comes from (and what sort of payback might be required down the road), but we definitely appreciate it.

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  1. Hi! You found me indeed. I tried finding yours but you didn't tell me the tricky spelling of your blog.


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